Corporate, gala evening



Offer an different type of animation when you'll be in charge of your next event.

Offered in different type of event like:

- Cocktail
- Golf tournament
- Christmas party
- Festival
- Congress and more

Close-up Magic (available during the cocktail or between the services during the dinner )

While walking around your guest, he will perform amazing magic trick with common objetc like ( card, money, rubber bands, ring, etc )

Perfect to keep them waiting for lunch.

Some number can be customized to highlight your business. Even the most skeptical will be dazzled.


Stage magic (presented at the dessert or as requested )

Stage performance with audience participation. 15 to 60 minutes available. Other formula available to suit your needs.


Animation and music services ( available on request only )

M.C and D.J for over 30 years, Martial Tremblay can combine magic and music for you next event

Performance can be presented in frend or english.




“Every year, we seek the IDEA, the THEME, to make our gala evenings memorable. One that will remain etched in the memory. Last year in the West Island and this year in the Outaouais, we made our evening under the theme of MAGIC. Martial did a great job in both regions. I have no fear of referring it to you for your gala.”

Bernard Crevier, Regional V.P at RBC Bank

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