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Cours Parascolaire


Finally, children can now learn the world of magic revealing some of its mysteries to the them.

In a magical and humorous atmosphere, magical teacher Martial Tremblay and his apprentices will discover the world of magic.

The magic workshop is an educational program developed specifically for each school age group and will allow children and older adults to learn ABC's magic tricks to impress those around them while having fun.


Atelier Magique


What are the benefits for children to take an introductory magic course?

Magic is a complete art that develops dexterity, logic and skill in children.

In addition to giving tools to attract and capture people's attention. She develops self-confidence and stimulates the whole personality of the young apprentice by giving him the desire to excel himself.

Finally, young people will learn magic simply for pleasure and may become passionate.



parascolaire rigaud


Ideal for one:
- Extracurricular activity at school.
- Daycare.
- Full week of magic at the day camp.
- A children's party or a private magic class at home.





“All the kids came out with stars in they eyes, it was beautiful to see.”

Mr. Larose, school director